Goldman Sachs

Google-esque search functionality to save precious seconds in high intensity bond trading.

As a technical analyst intern, I was the sole UX & frontend engineer to create a corporate bond trading dashboard.

Technical Analyst Intern
Daniel Autry (Frontend)
David Ndereba (Backend)
May 2017
(summer internship)

Disclaimer: Due to non-discolosure agreements with Goldman Sachs, I am limited in the amount of work I can show.


Corporate bond traders require more seconds to execute high-speed trades.

In day-to-day client conversations, Goldman's bond traders have a mass of information they want to manage.

It's very time-consuming to sift through all the of the bond data, so the traders needed a way to reduce the repetitiveness of many of their tasks.


Present volatile bonds in a real-time web application, so that traders can find key information right away.

My task was to design a high-definition data visualization dashboard to break down complex insights into simple and digestable UIs.

Being entirely responsible for the front-end of the app, I worked to gather feedback every step of the way.


How do we allow traders to find bonds quickly?

This required three phases:

  • Performing behaviorial interviews with each of the traders to understand behavior and pain points, as well as mapping out their journey from start to making a trade.
  • Rapidly prototype different solutions to present to traders.
  • Develop web-application by consolidating data points, taking feedback every step of the way.
User Research

Here are some of the main points of concern I found that traders faced.

Clients often demand corporate bond information immediately.

It's difficult to find corporate bonds quickly.

There's a lot of complex information to digest with corporate bonds.

There are often numerous bonds to search for at once.

Corporate bond data changes numerous times per day.

Data Points

What is the underlying data?

My partner and I consolidated over 30,000 data points such as this query seen here.


Real-time web application to break down complex bond insights into simple and digestable UIs.

Due to non-discolusure agreements with Goldman Sachs, I am limited in showing the rest of the web application and mockups, as they contain sensitive information and architecture.

If you'd like more information, feel free to contact me at

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