Hi, I'm Daniel

Designer, developer, and behaviorial researcher fascinated by the social product space.

Currently based in Virginia, researching the intersection between technology and mental illness.

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Featured Projects

Elliewood Fellowship

An 8-month long research study into the college mental health care space.

User Research
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A college mental health app to manage support networks and encourage self-care.

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Goldman Sachs

Google-esque search functionality to save precious seconds in high intensity bond trading.

Data Analysis
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Propel Microlearning

Using memory heuristics to change how employees retain information.

Rapid Prototyping
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Other Works

How My Depression Became My Career

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Babylon Microfarms

Coming soon

UniWellness TeleMental Health

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Daily UI

Coming soon

Recharge Wellness Studios

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Radical Design Agency

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Designer and developer from Dallas, Texas.
Currently based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I'm currently exploring how technology can be used to better mental illness in college settings. I'm fascinated by all-things psychology and design, and love the idea of creating products that can change someone's life for the better.

I've taught UX and web development to college students, have been a frontend developer at Goldman Sachs, and a spoken word poet.

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